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Sports is a good way to relax from the investing world. Follow the news here to keep you connect with your favorite sport.

Top Stories on San Jose Sharks

Rick Nash Price Tag Was Too High for San Jose Sharks -

Last week, San Jose Sharks fans got relief: Rick Nash was traded to the New York Rangers, ending the rumors that dominated all the talk about the team. Based on the cost, San Jose should have had no interest in the trade. Just as Columbus Blue Jackets ...

Tiger Woods? ex-wife Elin Nordegren dating Douglas Murray of San Jose Sharks, report claims - Toronto Star

Tiger Woods? ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is dating San Jose Sharks defenceman Douglas Murray, a Swedish website claims. Eyewitnesses said the two were being affectionate with each other at the Rose Nightclub in Sweden, the website reports.

San Jose Sharks: Areas Still in Need of Improvement -

When the San Jose Sharks were ousted in the first round of the playoffs by the up-and-coming St. Louis Blues last season, fans and analysts alike speculated that the club would undergo some drastic lineup changes over the offseason. A Cup favorite for much ...

Jamison $20 million short: report - CBS Sports

Greg Jamison, a former CEO of the San Jose Sharks, is courting investors to make up the shortfall, The Sporting News reported on July 28. Jamison, a former San Jose Sharks part-owner, is leading the latest group to bid for the Coyotes, who have been owned ...

NHL free agency profiles: Should San Jose Sharks sign Andrei Kostitsyn? - Examiner

Since the ongoing NHL free agency has begun its fifth week, the elite players are gone. However, teams like the San Jose Sharks that are in need of an impact forward can still find them. Shane Doan or the top NHL trade option Bobby Ryan are ...

2012-13 San Jose Sharks Downloadable Schedule -

To stay up to date with everything Sharks hockey, download the 2012-13 San Jose Sharks Regular Season Schedule in one of three formats. This season, the schedule is available in CSV, ICS and PDF file formats to suit your every need. Please note, the ...

Report: Jamison $20 million of Coyotes' price tag - YAHOO!

Greg Jamison, a former CEO of the San Jose Sharks, is courting investors to make up the shortfall, The Sporting News reported Saturday. Jamison, a former San Jose Sharks part-owner, is leading the latest group to bid for the Coyotes, who have been owned by ...

Old Time Hockey San Jose Sharks "Lemming" Team Creeper -

Dress your little one in your ice hockey team's colors. The Old Time Hockey San Jose Sharks "Lemming" team creeper features screenprints on the chest, like a hockey puck, Old Time Hockey NHL team logo and "I'm Told I'm a Sharks Fan."


The San Jose Sharks Fan Development Department offers in-kind donation items (autographed merchandise) for non-profit organizations that serve youth and family services, youth education and/or those groups that provide enrichment activities for the underserved.

2012 NHL offseason options running out for San Jose Sharks - Examiner

July is a busy month for the NHL. Trades and free agent signings and contract extensions abound, and are rumored about several times for each one that happens. The San Jose Sharks were a perfect example of all three subjects, both substantive and fleeting.

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