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Pork in debt deal? Try stuffed pork rolls recipe

Though lawmakers reached a debt deal, a closer look reminded trader Kenny Polcari of a great dish, stuffed pork rolls.

Bribing the 'children' of DC with cookies and milk

Pro trader Kenny Polcari offers his thoughts on the market, as well as his recipe of the day.

Opinion: Default's effects would last generations

If Congress puts default on the table, it is declaring war on you and your job, your pension and your savings.

With DC in budget purgatory, try this recipe

Pro trader Kenny Polcari offers his thoughts on the markets, as well as his recipe of the day.

Shutdown threatens confidence in US policy, dollar

The cancellation of President Obama's trip to East Asia was entirely appropriate.

Hug a government worker day

Let's show our appreciation by urging Congress to put those dedicated public servants back to work and let them continue to improve our nation.

Op-Ed: Facing tyranny, the GOP had no choice

Because the president is unwilling to compromise on almost anything, the GOP was left with no other options, says Peter Morici.

Technical breakdown? Or linguine? You decide

Pro trader Kenny Polcari looks at the market's technicals and shares his recipe of the day.

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