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Top Stories on State Grid

India?s Drawback ? No Roads, No Power - 24/7 Wall St.

Among them are State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid, each of which has tens of billions of dollars in sales. There was a reminder today why India is not the next China, which it would like to be,and why it may never be like ...

Citigroup: Asian Firms Overseas Shopping Spree to Continue - Wall Street Journal

Dalian Wanda Group Corp.?s acquisition of U.S. movie theater chain AMC Entertainment Holdings and state-owned power-grid operator State Grid Corp.?s purchase of high-voltage electricity transmission assets in Brazil from Spain?s ...

Power grid failure: CESC's smart move saves Kolkata - Economic Times

The CESC system is connected with the West Bengal state grid at its Howrah point and the company has installed certain sensors at this "synchronizing point" to sense potential danger in the outside grid. "If the CESC network failed to isolate ...

REN H1 profit up 3 pct on larger network, cost cuts - CNBC

In February, Portugal's government sold stakes amounting to a total of 40 percent in REN to China's State Grid Corp and Oman Oil Company for nearly 600 million euros. The state still owns an 11 percent stake in REN. REN shares had closed 0.2 percent higher ...

ZBB Energy's China Joint Venture Meineng Energy Opens State-of-the-Art Factory for Manufacturing of Advanced Energy Storage and Control Products - Marketwatch

Xinlong Electrical has sales resources, aftermarket field support personnel, and project integration teams serving key market segments such as State Grid and South Grid electricity and power projects, transportation, telecommunications ...

Power transmission project gets under way - English Eastday

The project, funded by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), will transport about 40 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually from Xiluodu Hydropower Station in southwest China to Zhejiang after its scheduled completion in 2014. This will help ...

New York Wholesale Power to Surge Tomorrow as Heat Boosts Demand - Bloomberg

according to the New York Independent System Operator Inc., which manages the state grid. Prices in the day-ahead market yesterday for delivery today rose as high as $179.67 for the hour ending at 5 p.m. ?Peak demand can spike sharply during ...

China breaks ground on power transmission line - China Daily

The project, funded by the State Grid Corporation of China, will transport about 40 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually from Xiluodu Hydropower Station in Southwest China to Zhejiang after its scheduled completion in 2014. This will help save 12 ...

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