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Top Stories on Mazda

Mazda Recalls Tribute SUVs For Sticking Throttles - Wall Street Journal

Mazda Motor Corp. is recalling certain Tribute compact SUVs from the 2001 through 2006, and 2008 model yearsbecause their throttles could stick, making it hard to control the vehicles. Thecar maker said the problem affects Tributes3-liter ...

Mazda recalls Tribute SUV to fix throttle problem - Los Angeles Times

Mazda Motor Corp will recall 217,500 Tribute sport-utility vehicles sold in the U.S. to fix the same sticking gas pedal problem that Ford Motor Co. is dealing with in older Escape SUVs. The vehicles were jointly developed and share the same design.

Honda?s Profit Rises, Mazda?s Loss Narrows - Wall Street Journal

TOKYO?Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it is on track to meet its profit forecast this year?and boost U.S. market share above 10%?despite a strengthening of the yen and losses in Europe. The No. 3 Japanese carmaker by volume reported a more ...

Mazda drops plan to export cars from Mexico to Brazil-Nikkei - Reuters

July 31 (Reuters) - Mazda Motor Corp has abandoned its plan to ship automobiles to Brazil from a plant it is constructing in Mexico due to the South American nation's new import restrictions, the Nikkei reported. Instead, the automaker plans to ...

Mazda Utilises Mentor Graphics Software - ElectroIQ

Mazda has used Volcano Network Architect to address issues related to network bandwidth usage in its SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. Tuesday, July 31, 2012: Mazda has chosen Volcano Network Architect software from Mentor Graphics to verify its bandwidth usage.

Recalled: 200,000 Hyundai Santa Fes, Sonatas and 217,000 Mazda Tributes - MotorTrend Magazine

The 2007-2009 Hyundai Santa Fe and 2012-2013 Hyundai Sonata are both being recalled this week regarding airbags ? the Santa Fe?s may not go off in a collision, while the Sonata?s may go off during normal driving. Mazda is also recalling 2001-2006 and ...

Mazda recalls 217,500 vehicles on acceleration defect - YAHOO!

Mazda said Friday it will recall 217,500 vehicles in the United States due to a problem with unintended acceleration that led to the recall of nearly 485,000 Ford vehicles. The Mazda Tribute shares most of its parts with the Ford Escape sport utility ...

Mazda MX-5 tops the table as the next classic icon -

The Mazda MX-5, Bugatti Veyron and Audi TT have been voted the top three cars most likely to be classic icons of the future. According to a recent survey by specialist classic car and motorcycle insurance broker Footman James, seven per cent of classic ...

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