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Top Stories on 3m

3M MP220 and MP410 portable projectors: First Take - ZDNet

It's been a while since 3M launched any new additions to its projector range, but the wait may have been worth it. The company has just announced two super-bright portable DLP LED models, the battery-powered MP220 and the mains-powered MP410.

$3M Reinvestment Pays Off at The Martin in Las Vegas - San Francisco Gate

The completion of a $3 million redesign at The Martin by owner iStar Residential has sparked an incredible flurry of buyer activity. Sales volume during the four months since the building?s re-launch event in March is up over 300 percent year-over-year ...

3M is one popular peer for CEO pay [Star Tribune, Minneapolis] - Businessweek

July 30--What do Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Medtronic and UnitedHealth Group have in common? When it comes to paying their CEOs, those companies and 58 others look to 3M Co. to see what the big Maplewood-based manufacturer pays its chief ...

3M net income up in 2Q despite lower sales - Huffington Post

NEW YORK ? 3M Co., the iconic maker of Post-Its and Scotch Tape, said Thursday it managed a slim increase in second-quarter earnings as cost-cutting offset a revenue shortfall. It also held onto its forecast for the year, saying it would ...

3M Partners with Digital Wish To Help Bring Tablets into the Classroom - Boston Globe

Studies have shown that the use of tablets in classrooms may help students score better on math and literacy tests, with one group of students testing 20 percent higher after using an Algebra app than their peers who used a textbook.1 To help ...

Over $3M approved so far in Mo. drought aid - CBS News

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ? Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says his administration has already approved more than $3.2 million in state aid to get fresh water to farmers and livestock producers. Nixon announced last week that Missouri would cover 90 percent of the ...

Apple: 3M copies of Mountain Lion out in 4 days - CBS News

NEW YORK ? Apple says Mac users downloaded 3 million copies of Mountain Lion, its latest operating system, in the first four days it was available. That makes it the fastest launch of an Apple operating system ever, the company says.

Sales dip, but 3M sticks to profit gain [Star Tribune, Minneapolis] - Businessweek

July 27--A tough economy caused 3M Co.'s revenue to dip in the second quarter, but the company squeezed costs just enough to eke out a slight earnings gain, officials said Thursday. Maplewood-based 3M, which makes Scotch tape, optical films ...

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