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Top Stories on Beijing

Beijing pushes to improve air pollution - Financial Times

Every night an old coal train chugs in to central Beijing to deliver its load to the Guohua power plant, one of the city?s oldest power stations now surrounded by gliltzy malls and towering apartment blocks. Soon, the trains will no longer be running.

Beijing adopts aggressive stance as hawks gain sway in South China Sea dispute -

China's supreme policymaking body, the Politburo Standing Committee, is made up entirely of civilians, but outspoken People's Liberation Army (PLA) officers, intelligence advisers and maritime agency chiefs are arguing that Beijing should be ...

Threat to Beijing from rains explained - United Press International

BEIJING, July 31 (UPI) -- The number of places in Beijing facing geological risks has gone up as a result of deadly rainstorms in the Chinese capital, an official investigation found. A report in Tuesday's Global Times -- headlined "Beijing on ...

Beijing Taxi Drivers Share Blame In Flood Aftermath - Forbes

Even on ordinary days, hailing a taxi in Beijing can be a frustrating experience. The rainstorm that struck Beijing on July 21 has spurred heated public discussion about the city?s infrastructure and the government?s response to emergency ...

Beijing's deadly floods cast doubt on China's building boom - CBS News

(CBS News) Parts of China have suffered unusually heavy rains. Beijing got the equivalent of six months' rain in one day. Then came deadly flooding, and now, say critics, comes a torrent of propaganda. It was the worst flooding in 60 years, but ...

A Week After Storm, Beijing Victims Remembered - ABC News

A small group of people laid down white chrysanthemums and lit candles Saturday in Beijing to honor those who died in the storm that ravaged Beijing one week ago, killing at least 77. The tribute took place under a railway bridge in central ...

2012 Olympics: Dana Vollmer, after missing Beijing, returns with world record in London - Washington Post

LONDON ? Dana Vollmer spent the last Summer Olympics in Fiji, swimming in the warm open waters of the Pacific Ocean. She did not feel good about herself. She did not feel good about her body. She did not feel good about her life?s pursuit, competitive ...

Olympics Twitter Burst Already Tops Beijing Games - Wall Street Journal

Twitter said Friday?s Olympics opening ceremony in London sparked 9.66 million mentions on the short-messaging service, already topping the total number of Twitter posts during the entire 2008 Olympics in Beijing. But in what many have called ...

U.S. women?s volleyball avenges gold medal loss to Brazil in Beijing Olympics - Washington Post

LONDON ? To the outside, the U.S. women?s volleyball team should have looked across the net Monday evening, seen the green-and-yellow kits ? that?s what they call uniforms here ? of their opponents, and thought of nothing but 2008.

Frenchman puts teary Beijing exit behind him - Reuters UK

LONDON (Reuters) - Four years after leaving Beijing in tears when a last-minute warning for holding cost him a shot at a gold medal, France's Alexis Vastine was just happy to be back in an Olympic ring on Sunday. The centre of a heated dispute ...

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