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China Top Stories

How did convicted killer escape Mich. prison?

In this surveillance photo from a Middlebury, Ind., gas station provided by the Michigan State Police is Michael David Elliot who escaped from the Ionia Correctional Facility in mid-Michigan Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014 after creating a hole at the bottom of the two perimeter fences and crawling through, according to authorities. Elliot was serving a life sentence for fatally shooting four people and burning down their Gladwin County house in 1993. (AP Photo/Michigan State Police)An intense manhunt is under way after officials are caught off guard by brazen escape.

'Barrel bomb' raids kill at least 26 in Syria

A Syrian man carries the body of a victim out of the rubble of a destroyed building in Aleppo on February 3, 2014Regime helicopters dropped controversial weapons on Aleppo neighborhood, observers say.

Web companies give first look at secret gov't data requests

A National Security Agency (NSA) data gathering facilityFacebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google on Monday began publishing details about the number of secret government requests for data they receive, hoping to show limited involvement in controversial surveillance efforts. The tech industry has pushed for greater transparency on government data requests, seeking to shake off concerns about their involvement in vast, surreptitious surveillance programs revealed last summer by former spy contractor Edward Snowden. The government said last month it would relax rules restricting what details companies can disclose about Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court orders they receive for user information. Several companies, including Google and Microsoft, sued the government last year, seeking the ability to disclose more of that data.

'Black Death' likely wrote its way into modern DNA

Black Death Likely Altered European GenesThe Black Death of the 14th century may be written into the DNA of survivors' descendants, new research finds. The study reveals that Roma people (sometimes known as gypsies, although this is considered a derogatory term) and white Europeans share alterations to their genetic code that occurred after the Roma settled in Europe from northwest India 1,000 years ago. "We show that there are some immune receptors that are clearly influenced by evolution in Europe and not in northwest India," said study leader Mihai Netea, a researcher in experimental internal medicine at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands. "India did not have the medieval plague, as Europe had," Netea told Live Science.

Rare school shooting rattles nerves in Russia

Two killed in Russia school shootingBy Ian Bateson and Maria Tsvetkova MOSCOW (Reuters) - A teenager described as a model student shot a teacher and a police officer dead and took more than 20 of his schoolmates hostage in a Moscow classroom on Monday, days before Russia hosts the Winter Olympics under tight security. The suspect was disarmed and detained about an hour after the shootings after talking to his father, the owner of the two rifles with which he forced his way into the school in northern Moscow at midday. The incident rattled nerves in a country on high alert for Islamist militant violence as athletes and spectators arrive for the Sochi Games, a prestige project that will help shape President Vladimir Putin's legacy. It is almost unheard-of for a student to attack a school in Russia.

Popular hotels named in 2013 data hacking

A bed in a hotel roomFraud alert linked to Ind. managers of some Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin properties.

New details on Philip Seymour Hoffman death

Police sources say roughly 50 bags of heroin found at Oscar winner's apartment.

U.S. denies senators' claims Kerry said Syria policy is failing

US Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a press conference closing the Geneva II peace talks on January 22, 2014 in MontreuxThe US administration Monday stood by its policy on Syria denying that Secretary of State John Kerry had called for a change of strategy and to arm opposition rebels. Quoting influential Republican senators, some US media claimed that in a meeting on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich the top US diplomat had said US policy in Syria was failing and it was time for a change.


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